Artists at the Forge

MItch kernodle

Metal Artist

My name is Mitch Kernodle.  I’m a metal artist.  In the mid 80’s I began my metal work out of the need for a good wood stove to heat my house. From there I progressed to serious blacksmithing and tool making and ultimately into the building a 45’ steel sailboat.  Following the building of a boat, I changed my direction for a time to a life on the ocean and being a captain. However, after years of bouncing around on the water I came back to my roots in metal work and art.  The creation of Eagle River Forge has once again fueled my vision and creativity using metal as my medium – combining blacksmithing and fabrication with an occasional whimsical twist to exhale what I feel.  With the use of aggressive metal preparation along with vivid and cutting edge coatings, my wife, Jan, and I strive to make the bare monotone of steel into unique, multi-dimensional expressions of the finest art.

Leah Jeffery

Scrap Metal Artist

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed art and making things with my hands. In high school I started looking into different trades. I signed up for a welding class my senior year and found I really loved it. Throughout the semesters I finished my work quickly and used my free time in class to work on different projects. Inspired by scrap metal artists I saw on social media, I decided to make an animal – a Great Horned Owl. I found I really enjoyed making sculptures. Now combining my love of both art and welding, I explore creating different birds and animals from reclaimed metal.